Flattery Gets You Everywhere.

Sometimes I treat myself during my lunch break and pick one of the cafes near my work to eat at. The one I picked last Monday happens to have a really delicious BBQ beef ribs with Hickory Sauce that I really enjoy. The ribs are so tender they slide off the bone, and the sauce is smokey and spicy in exactly the perfect amounts.

My lunch break was later in the day (around 2pm) and by that time the restaurant was virtually empty except for me and one or two other patrons also dining alone. As I usually do in my lunch break, I sat there reading while I eat. Anyway at the end of my meal the manager came up to clear my plate away and asked me how lunch was. Of course my response was a very appreciative smile and confirmation that “It was really amazing!” … and he replies with “You’re amazing!” and a huge charming grin.

This is something that is really lovely about this restaurant – the staff all go out of their way to welcome you and make you feel like a special guest. One time one of the older guys who worked there asked me how I could be eating alone because I’m such a beautiful girl who should never eat alone. I think it must be a pre-requisite at the restaurant to be charming and make the customers feel special.

Mind you they don’t have to flatter me to get my business! The food there is great and I’d eat there every day if I could afford to!

Some of my work mates think I’m weird for wanting to dine alone, but I actually enjoy it. Being on the phones and in a busy office is exceptionally draining for me [see: My Empathy is Exhausting] and so I like to spend my lunch breaks with my nose stuck in a book drowning out the real world. I find that an hour, of losing myself in a fantasy world, recharges me enough to finish the last few hours at work without having an anxiety attack. I still need alone time after work, but at least I don’t fall down exhausted before the end of the day!