A Tale of Travelling Underpants

I spent the day at home as I usually do on a Wednesday, enjoying a little peace and quiet while the monsters are at school. At around 3:20pm it was time to pick them up. I grabbed a pair of newly washed jeans from out of the dryer and got changed to pick the kids up (my lazy days sweatpants are NOT appropriate outdoors attire!)

I picked up the children, and stopped off at the supermarket to buy a few things. And then I went to the petrol station to fill up the car. I went in and paid and on my way out, while walking to my car, I noticed some dark purple fabric in a ball on the ground right in the path I had walked on my way in. It grabbed my attention because I didn’t notice it on my way in.

Curious, I slowed slightly on approach when to my horror I realised that they were a pair of underpants. More specifically they were a pair of MY underpants. My guess is that they must have gotten caught up inside the jeans while the washing was in the dryer. Then when I put on the jeans, the underpants were balled up against my leg and slowly but surely creeped their way down and onto the ground without me noticing.

When I realised what they were, what did I do? I pretended I had no idea what they were and how they got there and I practically ran back to my car.  So now there are a pair of my perfectly good and clean knickers balled up in a pile in the middle of a petrol station. I can only hope that there is no reason for anyone to view security footage of the station today.

7 thoughts on “A Tale of Travelling Underpants

  1. tomg1992 says:

    Amusing story, perhaps you helped a secret wearer gain his first ever pair – some good could come of it!

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  2. imptiness says:

    Yup, have had that happen to me too before.

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