Merry Christmas

I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and hope the day is filled with plenty of joy, laughter and cherished moments with loved ones.

I’m doing pretty well at the moment. I had a session with my psychiatrist last Monday, and she’s happy with how I’m doing on the increased meds.

I’ve actually really made some progress over the last months in terms of dealing with my social anxiety – I’ve been to 2 Christmas parties through work, participated in my departments Kris Kringle – which involved an after work gathering. I also went to my team Christmas Breakfast. I’m very proud of myself for putting aside my anxieties and fears and making the effort to socialise.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read & comment on my blog since I began it in September. I really value the connections I have made, and actually experiencing the fact I am not alone in this world. It’s one thing to logically know that other people like me exist, it’s another to actually realise it.

Again I wish you a very safe & merry holiday season.  Much love to you all.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Ohmygod you’re kidding!!! I can’t believe how many social events you’ve gone to! You are living proof that facing a fear help to overcome it. I am so proud of you. I’m glad your health is looking up as well. Soooooo, my end of the deal. I’VE DONE IT 😀 I wasn’t kidding when I said it was going to take a while. But if you check out you’ll see who my nominees are and some fun facts about me to giggle over. Enjoy christmas Karlee and thank you again for the nomination

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