The Odd One Out.

One of my work colleagues became engaged on the weekend. Her boyfriend took her for a weekend away to Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) in the centre of Australia. It was all very romantic. When she came into work today all the females (except me) in my department practically swarmed her and were cooing and fawning over the ring and the proposal story for ages.

Don’t get me wrong, I am genuinely very happy for her and I think it’s lovely that her fiancé (I’d better call him that now!) made it all very special and romantic for her. At the same time, I don’t really get why women suddenly feel the need to gush and get all sappy over hearing of someone else’s engagement. I was watching them all out of the corner of my eye (I was on a call with a customer, I am at work after all!) and I was really quite bemused to see these otherwise professional women start squealing and carrying on like a pack of high school girls, the pitch of their voices getting nauseatingly high and baby like.

I’m sitting here laughing now, because reading over this one might get the misunderstanding that I’m bitter or jealous. It’s not that at all, it’s just that I’ve never been a ‘girly’ girl, and cooing and squealing and all that rot just isn’t me. But I do sort of feel like an odd one out, like there is something different about me in situations like this. I don’t behave like a “normal” girl. I can’t. It’s not me. I just kind of see those over the top reactions as a little put-on and pretentious.

For my part – I gave her a heartfelt congratulations, and even gave her a warm hug (and I’m certainly not a touchy feely person – so any hug from me is a rare event!). I thought her ring was gorgeous and told her so. I did this all in my own voice, the one that is filled with enthusiasm and happiness of course, but it’s still my regular pitch and decidedly no gushing. I promise it’s definitely not cold or unfeeling, but at the same time it’s not falsified or overdone.

Does that make me weird? Maybe. Truthfully, it makes me a little sad that I’m not like the other girls. I sometimes wonder what people think of me because I’m not like other girls. But, I am who I am. I can’t change that any more than I can change the weather.

Sometimes though, I wish I could change the weather…

4 thoughts on “The Odd One Out.

  1. I know what it feels like to be the odd one out. But we are unique and extraordinary 🙂

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  2. Karlee says:

    For the most part I don’t mind being different. For example I love that I am compassionate and empathic. I love that I can feel things as deeply as I do.
    However I also curse the fact that I feel things too deeply, and that my desire to never harm others sometimes means I inadvertently end up hurting myself.
    But I’d never ever want to be any different, not really anyway.


  3. hazelnutpie says:

    I’m not like other girls either. -_- I had a really hard time connecting with girls in college, and I only made a few great female friends. The only time I ever was really enthusiastic about an engagement ring was when my friend got a sapphire one, because it was different from the usual. My thing is that I don’t gush over babies like most girls.

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    • Karlee says:

      I grew up always being friends with guys because they were less complicated … until they started becoming interested in me. That would get awkward because I would always be so oblivious until the girls around me would get snarky and jealous.
      It wasn’t my fault that the guys were attracted to me because I didn’t have the hang ups those bitches did!


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