No Words…

Today I have no words of honesty to write.

It’s not that I have writer’s block, or don’t know what to say. It’s that I don’t know how to say it, not to this blog, not even to myself.

Words swim around my head aimlessly, and I can’t ascribe any meaning to them. Just when I think I’ve about grabbed a thought by the coattails, it slinks around the corner, slipping into the shadows, gone before I could get a proper hold. Gone before I could stare into the revelations of my soul.

I’m trying to sort out how I am feeling, but it’s as though I have put a wall around my own insight, blindfolded myself from knowledge of me.

I just don’t know about anything today.

4 thoughts on “No Words…

  1. ~Lisa~ says:

    I really LOVE this blog. I too feel like this. Did you know before i wrote the night I became a groupie I was writing a blog on how to prepare for death, dont ask…but sometimes as funny as I am and claim to be. I am so fucked in thoughts. sighs~


    • ikarlee says:

      Well you aren’t alone in the “fucked up in thoughts” department. I’m right there with you, trying to read the map to find the way out – but it’s either in hieroglyphics or I’ve got it upside down!
      I guess at least we can compare notes while we look for the “rainbows and unicorns” department … although I think I prefer fucked up thoughts to totally insane ones!

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      • ~Lisa~ says:

        I just dated a spiritual, buddha loving, robin sharma following, eat healthy, drink wine, be good and do good and we all will be happy and i give and they give and all good things come our way. WAKE up: he was a bitter resentful man, he blamed everything that went on in his life, his kids, his exes all 5 of them….makes me think id rather BE REAL fucked up than that fake ass bs life.

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      • ikarlee says:

        Totally agree with you – at least I KNOW I’m realistic about when I’m being a fuck up, I don’t put on a front and blame the world for my problems.


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